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Financial Sector Reform

TIGroup specialises in public sector financial reforms, streamlining entitlements to improve budgetary performance. Reform of power tariff and other utilities to make them financially sustainable is a specific area of interest. TIGroup provides strategic services to enhance revenue and reduce governmental subsidies.


TIGroup has led a number of projects involving privatization of public sector enterprises in developing countries. We have specific expertise to address labor redundancy and asset valuation relating to privatization.

Export Financing

TIGROUP arranges export financing and helps to negotiate beneficial deals between exporters and importers.

Export Promotion Joint Ventures

TIGroup has organized several Trade delegations, seminars, and trade fairs, which focus on export promotion. TIGroup advises on ways and means to streamline export and import procedures, rules and regulations. TIGroup identifies "best matched" local partners to facilitate joint ventures in emerging markets.

Market Identification

TIGroup provides up to date market research and its intelligence to match the client's needs.

Public Private Partnership (P3)

TIGroup has successfully implemented projects in the health and education sector bringing public and private sectors together to optimize assets and opportunities.

TIGroup's Past Performance History

Country Borrower Objective MFI Amount
Jordan Silica Corporation Development, mining, processing and shipping of Silica to Italy The international Finance Corporation (IFC) $ 26,000,000
Sugar Mill Manufacturer Development of new sugar mill processing plant The international Finance Corporation (IFC) $55,500,000
Trinidad & Tobago
Zone Authority Development, design,construction of facilities within the Special Purpose Economic Zone (SPEZ). INTER AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK $ 35,000,000
Paper Pulp Mill Manufacturer Expansion of paper mill manufacturing plant The international Finance Corporation (IFC) $ 22,000,000
Aqaba Economic Zone Authority Establishment, Development, and implementation of Multi-purpose Economic Zone at the city of Aqaba, Jordan The international Finance Corporation (IFC) $ 75,000,000
Pakistan and China
Thermal Power Customers Development of multiple thermal power generation plants The international Finance Corporation (IFC) $230,000,000
Bulgarian Fruit and Wine Growers Cooperative Association Development, replanting and set up of three Winery facilities The international Finance Corporation (IFC) $ 20,000,000
Steel Plant Owner Construction of new Steel Plant manufacturing facility The international Finance Corporation (IFC) $ 60,000,000
Galeana Telecommunications, Inc. Telecom 4G LTE Operator Expansion Overseas Private Investment Corporation $29,500,000
Xavier University School of Medicine Expansion for Medical College Overseas Private Investment Corporation $21,000,000
Spectrum Renewable Energy Ltd. Development of sugar cane press mud based Bio-CNG manufacturing facility Overseas Private Investment Corporation $4,500,000
South Asia Region (China/Philippines/South Korea/Vietnam/Indonesia)
Banks and Securities Customers Financing of multiple projects for financing to private sector The international Finance Corporation (IFC) $400,000,000
South Asia Region (Vietnam/China/Philippines)
Cement Plant Owners Development of new cement plants throughout the region The international Finance Corporation (IFC) $210,000,000